If you missed #empoderaLIVE you can rebroadcast here. Find out here pictures, videos, interviews, presentations and more. The spirit shared by all these days at #empoderaLIVE with Civic Technology for the Global Challenges as the main topic . Here's the torrent of ideas that were discussed, see you next edition :)

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We remember past editions of Empodera LIVE. The evolution, the people and organizations that have made this possible. Pictures, videos, streaming feed and all the interviews since the very first edition in 2006.



NGI Forward: Building the future internet and returning personal data to citizens

Empodera.org chats with Katja Bego, Principal Researcher at Nesta and project lead of the NGI Forward project. Katja leads the European Commission-funded EU Engineroom and NGI Forward projects, tasked with helping shape the funding and research agenda of the Next Generation Internet initiative, the European Union’s ambitious new flagship programme seeking to build a more democratic, inclusive and resilient future internet by 2025. Her work primarily focuses on studying the impact of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence on our societies, and thinking about how these new innovations can be harnessed for social good and benefit all. Katja previously worked...
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